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"The guide who knows where to find the best birds is not necessarily the famous birder who wrote bird books but the  one who saw the bird the most recently"  

Ground Cuckoo Birding Network was born as a necessity to allow you to book bird watching places or local bird guides in Costa Rica directly. The list is filtered to the guides with the greatest knowledge of their regional birds as well as exact locations where to look for some specific target species. All local guides are well known birders locally and all are regularly hired by large bird photo or birdwatching agencies to work along international tour leaders.

Even if they might not speak English with perfect accent, or might not have traveled to all continents already, or might not published any bird book...  they are for sure your very best choice to find all the most stunning birds, the perfect photo angles or the most reliable place for the sought-after local species because of one simple reason: THEY LIVE WHERE YOUR BIRDS ARE! They are truly locals who live in the habitat you are interested and bird this places on a regular basis.  


If you want to connect with the most efficient bird guide reducing the charges of intermediaries, there’s no need to look any further; feel free to book them directly making the best deal to get the birds you want!

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